georg klein
Sound and media artist Georg Klein devotes himself primarily to site-specific installations in public spaces, combining sound with light, texts and video. His works, which have received numerous awards, often make use of confusing perceptual constellations and artistic political fakes, involving the audience interactively or participa-tively. He earned an international reputation with the simultaneous installation 'TRASA' (2004), an audiovisual bridge between Berlin and Warsaw.

In 2006 he received a grant from the German Academy in Rome (Villa Massimo/Casa Baldi) and the Media Space Award of North Rhine-Westphalia, which included a prize of 12,000 euros. In 2007 he used a political media fake as an artistic strategy for the first time ('European Border Watch' / 'turmlaute.2' in a GDR border watch-tower), as well as later in his project 'Ramallah Tours' (Israel 2009). Both provoked strong reactions from the public.

As in his audiovisual installation 'Cuts and Creeds' (about Muslim suicide bombers and the killing sprees of de-ranged Western gunmen, Berlin/Istanbul 2010) and his project 'GNADE' [Mercy] (in front of banks and the Job Center in Mannheim, 2012), the artist takes up current social themes in order to expand on them in a confusing and ambivalent manner, challenging the viewer/listener to confrontational examination.
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Oliver Urbanski studied play-acting at Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch. His first engagement was at the theatre Berliner Ensemble, working with Luc Bondy, Claus Peymann, Robert Wilson and Peter Zadek.

Sam Ashley is a composer from California, who works in experimental trance-mysticism. He also worked as performer in a variety of non-singing vocal jobs.

Karim Chérif studied play-acting at UdK Berlin and was engaged at Burg Theater Wien for several years.

Martin Backes is a composer, designer and performer. He studied Media Art and Sound Studies at UdK Berlin.

Adrian Ganea born in Romania studies stage setting at University of Arts in Berlin (UdK).

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Sound field in front of Bundespresseamt in coop. with Martin Backes and Adrian Ganea (UdK Studium Generale)

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Guide on boat: Stefan Vens
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